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Letter to W.C. Childs Edit


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  • 1889 March 26 (label)


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    Original letter and one typed transcript. Written in Philadelphia. Anticipates Mr. Jordan's arrival, his possible acceptance of the Advent Society pastorate, and what sort of "mettle" he is made of when faced with the approaching contest in the General Convention. Looks forward to completing the separation of the Academy from the General Church. Expresses desire to focus on the Schools with enrollment expected to increase. The Hicks family is moving to Philadelphia, as is the now-fatherless Bellinger family. Looks forward to the Childs' family's upcoming move also. States indecision about a trip abroad--if he does go, it will be to search for missing MSS of Swedenborg in Holland. Has heard that Tuerk received insulting letters for publishing an article by Schreck & not one by L. H. Tafel. Comments on division in the Brooklyn Society, and the "brutal violence" in Greenford that necessitated protection by the Law. Explains the need for a larger Society Hall; not all of the members will move to the country, & the Advent Society will need a worthy pastor. Mentions the simmering conflict that still exists in the Chicago Society. People, places & publications mentioned: Mr. Jordan, the Advent Society, the General Church (of PA), the General Convention, the Schools, Mr. Hicks, Philadelphia, Mrs. Bellinger & her five children from Berlin (Canada), Edith (Childs) & youngsters ("Tornadoes, Cyclones"), John & Gertrude (Pitcairn), Mr. & Mrs. Schreck, Swedenborg, Holland, F. Waelchly (Waelchli), Mr. Tuerk, Mr. (Louis) Tafel, Dr. Boericke, the [i]N. K. Blatt[/i], the Brooklyn society, Mr. Czerny in Greenford, Klein family, Mr. Odhner, Carter, Claudia, Chicago, Felix (Boericke?)