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Letter to W.C. Childs Edit


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  • 1889 February 12 (label)


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    Original letter and one typed transcript. Written in Philadelphia. Proposes a "way out of many difficulties" by possibly making Mr. Jordan the new pastor of the Advent Society. Mentions the assistance he receives from several able bodied ministers. See the need for the Advent Society and the General Church to be separate from the Academy. Remarks on plans and advantages to moving the Academy into the country (Bryn Athyn). Does not have someone old enough & capable to succeed him in his General Church duties--discusses possibility of Mr. Jordan taking the post. Plans to establish themselves at the Convention this summer in order to achieve harmony in the General Church. Comments on R. L. Tafel's plans to publish an attack against the Academy, probably to take revenge by exciting prejudice & ill feeling. Benade claims he is weary of the fight, now that it has deteriorated into a fight over personality rather than principles. Mentions possible trips to Europe, by himself, Pitcairns, Tuerks, and Bellingers (for Mr. Bellinger's health). Rejoices in the good condition of their schools. Postscript: "Mr. Macbeth calls S. R. T. an Anarchist." Individuals and places mentioned: Mr. & Mrs. Jordan, the Advent Society, the General Church (of Pa), Mr. (W. F.) Pendleton, Mr. Schreck, Mr. (Louis) Tafel, the Academy, Mr. Bostock, Mr. Whitehead, the Convention, England, Rudolph (Tafel), John (Pitcairn), Europe, Canada, Mr. & Mrs. Tuerk, Switzerland, Mr. & Mrs Bellinger, Edith (Childs) & the babes, J. G. (John Gillespy) and wife, Mr. Macbeth, S. R. T..