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Letter to H.P. Chandler Edit


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  • 1874 January 7 (label)


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    Original letter. Written in Pittsburgh. Comments on Grace's poor health, and Chandler's father's despondency at his loss of hearing. Comments on the negative distractions and spiritual benefits of physical illness. Writes about "spiritual children," obedience, and the workings of Divine Truth from Divine Good. Sceptical of the level of wisdom of certain writers for the New Jerusalem Magazine, who also belong to Chandler's (Swedenborg) "Club". Agrees to write a disagreeable article in response to Maudsley's essay. Relieved that they are concluding the M.S.S. business. People, places, and publications mentioned: Troy (NY), Grace (Chandler), the Lord, Chandler's children and father (P. W.), the Club, the Jewish Church, [i]Arcana Coelestia[/i], Parsons, Drew, Wright, the [i]Mag[/i]., Maudsley's essay on Swedenborg, and Rev. Mr. W. F. Pendleton of the Philadelphia Society,1817 North St.