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Letter to H.P. Chandler Edit


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  • 1873 November 26 (label)


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    Original letter. Written in Pittsburgh. Continues to coordinate the distribution of annotated Bibles with the M.S.S. Writes out many clarifying calculations. (Above Benade's numbers are pencilled corrections, apparently. by Chandler.) Declines article writing request for Chandler's magazine. Lists several activities currently undertaking (i.e. working on the new Liturgy, a paper on the priesthood, supervising boys/students?, etc.). Completing a "revision of the common version" of the priesthood for the last Convention. Expresses an interest in critiquing an author. Maudsley, who claims that Swedenborg was insane. Remarks on the growth of the Pittsburgh Sunday School and requests a school book list. Relays the near-death of Sally from meningitis. People, places, and publications mentioned: Horatio (dim. for Horace), the Rotch Trustees, the Convention, Mr. (John) Worcester, J.P. Stuart, the Bibles, the [i]Mag.[/i], the Commission on the Liturgy, a "couple of boys" (Benade's sons?), Appleton's Edition of [i]Body & Mind[/i] by Mr. Maudsley, Swedenborg, "Home for the Friendless," Cuba, Sally.