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Letter to H.P. Chandler Edit


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Item 245
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  • 1873 April 21 (label)


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    Original letter. Written in Pittsburgh. Remarks on Chandler's spinal injury. Recommends the Moravian School in Bethleham for "Lilly". Relays church building news. Mentions the recent "breakdown" within the Boston Church. Comments on and criticizes opinions regarding the infallibility of doctrine, the importance of deriving truths from the Word by way of doctrine, and the "disorderly democratic spirit of the Age" corrupting the externals of the New Church. Grudgingly compliments aspects of the old Boston Church, and its belief in the new Dispensation and the Second Coming of the Lord, but criticizes the new Boston Church "'new age' . . . propagandists". Debates the ability to "save" and to "be saved;" the role of choice in our own salvation, and our ability to be an instrument in others'. Encloses order (missing) for $18 to be paid to Smith. People and places mentioned: Boston, Grace (Chandler) and babies, Lilly, the Old Moravian School at Bethlehem, the New Church and Old Church, the Word, Chandler's father (P. W.), Smith.