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Letter to H.P. Chandler Edit


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Item 244
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  • 1873 April 1 (label)


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    Original letter. Written in Richmond, Virginia. A magazine article correction insert is included. Recounts recent travels to and from the South, including Havana (Cuba), with Mr. Pitcairn, undertaken as a form of convalescence from poor health. Paints a beautiful picture of Cuba, but not of its people. Humorous anecdote involving Noah's ark. Mentions a New Church in New Orleans, the "strange condition" of the Chicago Society and M.S.S. business. Insists on the inclusion and correction of the word "conjugial" in his published article. Distinguishes between "conjugal" and "conjugial". People, places, and publications mentioned: New Orleans, Havana, Cuba, Mr. (John) Pitcairn, Matanzas, caves of Bellarmo, Valley of the Yumouri (Yumori), Florida, Key West, Cedar Keys, Jacksonville, St. John's River, St. Augustine, Enterprise, Old Fort Maria on St. Marks, Savannah (GA), Charleston (SC), "St." Patrick (Henry), coachman, Noah's ark, the New Church, Swedenborg Bibles, Chandler's father (P. W.), wife & babes, Mr. Drew, Benade's article on MacDonald,