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Letter to H.P. Chandler Edit


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  • 1872 September 16 (label)


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    Original letter. Written in Pittsburgh. Is sorry for Chandler's cold. Remarks on the "Harmonies" and their treatment of the Gospels as literal, historical chronicles (as opposed to spiritual sources). Discussion of Luke 9:53. Responds to Miss Young's opinions of hell, divine mercy, human freedom, and the problem of evil, using Eric from [i]Robert Falconer[/i] as an example. Criticizes Sears' opinion regarding the "idiosyncracies of seers," reiterating the importance of acknowledging the Word as divine truth. Remarks that Correspondences cannot be studied like natural sciences. Anticipates the conclusion of the annotated Bible business. Thinks the newly-elected council of the Swedenborg Society may cooperate with them in a new translation of the Writings. People, places, and publications mentioned: Chandler's father (P. W.), Gospel of Luke, Jesus /the Lord /God, Bethsaida, Jerusalem, Harmonies, the Gospels, Earth/World, the Word, New Church, [i]The Heart of Christ[/i] by Sears, Miss Young, Swedenborg, Hell, Heaven, Devils, [i]Robert Falconer [/i]by MacDonald, Eric, Parsons, Tafel, Stockholm, Bibles, London, Germany, Swedenborg Society, Gorman, Butler, Troy (NY), Grace (Chandler) & babes.