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Letter to H.P. Chandler Edit


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  • 1872 March 12 (label)


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    Original letter. Written in Pittsburgh. Coordinates the purchase of a newly published set of Writings for newlyweds. Remarks on having true "disciples" of the New Church - not Swedenborgians. Comments on Sunday School Conference, and dramatic changes occurring in the Boston Society. Advocates strongly for the "true order of the New Church", by having only clergy teach doctrine to children as opposed to lay teachers. Remarks on Chandler's church building fundraiser, his own society fundraising, a photo taken of himself and other miscellaneous news. Advises Chandler on the operation of his Book Room and the sale of lithographic plates. People, places, and publications mentioned: Swedenborg, W.C. Childs & Co. at 133 Wood St. Pittsburgh, the Lord, the New Church, Troy (NY), the Writings, [i]Wilfrid Cumbermede [/i]by George MacDonald, Yankee and New Yorker, Hymn, Dewson, Boston Society, T.P. (Theophilus Parsons?), S.R. (Sampson Reed), J.R. (Joe Reed?), [i]Doctrine of Charity[/i], [i](New Jerusalem) Magazine[/i], (P. W. Chandler), Roxburian (from Roxbury), three Repositories, J.Y. (Scammon), Mr. Lippincott, [i]Legends of the Patriarchs [/i]by Baring-Gould, Miss Alice, Grace (Chandler), Mr. Grant & father & brother, Mr. Thompson, Hinckley (Hinkley), Hartman, Glenn at 1700 Green St., the [i]Life[/i], the [i]Letters[/i], the [i]Doctrine of Life[/i], [i]Euthanasy[/i] by William Mountford; Crosby, Nichols, & Co., Thedy (Benade's son Theodore)