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Letter to H.P. Chandler Edit


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  • 1871 December 20 (label)


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    Original letter. Written in Pittsburgh. Remarks on the importance of tempatations and disappointments with regards to regeneration. Comments on the major benefits of Chandler's church society obtaining a house of worship and pressures him to purchase M.S.S. for their use. Mentions "Reed's spirit of narrowness" still plaguing Chandler's society. Relays Tafel's complaints regarding his management of the M.S.S. business. Requests and recommends Egyptian books. Discusses many historical ages in relation to church and chronicled biblical history. Comments on the theology of ancient Egypt, various forms of ancient Egyptian writing and their connection to the doctrine of the New Church. Mentions that his daughter has a baby girl. People, places, and publications mentioned: (River) Jordan, Union people, Swedenborg, Reed, Peabody Institute, Tafel, Convention, the English, Mr. Worcester, [i]Land of the Nile[/i] (by W. H. D. Adams), Trevor's [i]Ancient Egypt[/i], [i]Egypt & the Books of Moses [/i]by[i] [/i]Hengstenberg, Ebers (Egyptologist), [i]Ancient Egyptians[/i] by Wilkinson, the Bible, the Ancient Church, Abraham, Exodus of Israel, Most Ancient Church, Hebrew Church, Israelitish Church, Jewish Church, New Church, MacDonald, Chandler's wife & babies, Benade's daughter Ginnie and new granddaughter.