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Letter to H.P. Chandler Edit


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  • 1871 November 8 (label)


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    Original letter. Written in Pittsburgh. Comments on the hard life Sallie DeCharms Hibbard will probably have to live, due to concern that Hibbard is not mentally her equal. Reference to Hibbard's disease as "softening of the brain," which Benade and friends fear is perhaps degenerative. Refers to the "revelation of the Spirit of his Word" as a guide against falsehoods. Remarks on the divinity and truth of the doctrines of the New Church. Addresses criticisms of the Writings based on Swedenborg's "state". Mentions Tafel's work and continued troubles regarding the publication of the annotated Bible. Relays several health issues and remedies. Makes an analogy about how treating the manifestation of both a physical or a spiritual disease may not address its cause. Still owes Chandler $50, but is waiting for funds. Mentions the fact that he is now a grandfather, and is expecting another grandchild. Individuals and places mentioned: the Lord, the Earth, Providence, Sallie (Hibbard), Mr. McCandless, Europe, Mr. Hibbard, Stuttgart, Tafel/ "P", Chicago, Italy, the East, the New Church, the Lord's Word, Swedenborg, London, New German weekly paper published by Midnight, Dr. Cowley, Mr. Stuart, Chandler's Society's Sunday School, Chandler's wife and children, Will (Benade) and his newborn son.