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Letter to H.P. Chandler Edit


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  • 1870 March 21 (label)


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    Original letter. Written in Pittsburgh. Requests clarification of Chandler's undecipherable handwriting with regards to a new library proposal. Supports Chandler's need for solitude and self-reflection, which he seems to be finding in an attic(?) -- where also the books are kept [unclear; perhaps the library is taking up temporary residence in his attic, or Chandler is using the library-attic as his new study]. Answers Chandler's question about selfishness; suggests Chandler's priorities with regard to money may be undue, in that he has a taste for beautiful things, which he perhaps chooses at the expense of Church uses. However, suggests that the point in question is not a matter of selfishness, and that Chandler ought to take care of his health. Advises Chandler on his request for a manual of Scripture Geography for school use. Continues ongoing discussion and sharing of contemporary books and novels. Comments favorably on J. Reed's professional character. Teases Chandler; poetic references from the lofty "Sing O Goddess" to "Little Bo Peep." Refers to the liquor business offer again. Quotes a Goldsmith couplet, attributing it to Pope. Teases Chandler about the quantity and quality of his daily work. Continued business regarding imported books. Desires a statement of their account, because he fears he has gotten too much in Chandler's debt. Explains he can't come visit/preach because of his current lecture series, and because he can't leave his boys. Remarks on men joining him and the talk of building a church. Request for a new suit of clothes. People, places, and publications mentioned: Cleve (or "Cleave" Chandler); [i]Conjugial Love;[/i] [i]Alec Forbes[/i] and [i]Robert Falconer[/i] (by MacDonald); [i]St. Olave's [/i](by Eliza Tabor?); Harper's (publisher); [i]Casimir Maremma,[/i] [i]Realmah[/i], and [i]Friends in Council[/i] by (Arthur) Helps; (Rev.) Wright; Westerman's map of Palestine; Brother James / J. Reed; Hamburg; Miss Niles; Deutschland; Niles; Mrs. Thompsen (Thompson?), Tafel, General Banks, Capt. Appleton, [i]The Pope & the Council[/i], Pope (poet), the Mag ([i]New Jerusalem Magazine)[/i], Putnam, Tafel, Convention, Mr. Burdilt (Burditt?) the draper, Flory (Florence Chandler), Chander's wife