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Letter to H.P. Chandler Edit


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Item 195
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  • 1870 January 31 (label)


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    Original letter. Written in Pittsburgh. Discusses specifics regarding the Lord's Supper, the rite of Holy Supper and aspects of gender with regard to the first disciples. Comments on women in relation to men (love and wisdom). Refers to previous book review. Negotiates the lingering expenses, distribution and relocation of newly acquired books into a newly formed New Church Library, and which belong to Tafel, including C. L. and A. C.. Refers to some "Photo's" (photolithographs) of Swedenborg's works. Mentions various periodicals, and talks about Tafel's present project and plans. People, places, and publications mentioned: the Church, Oldenburg (from [i]Problematic Characters[/i]), T/ Tafel, Mr. Mightson, Mr. Putnam, Hartman, Cleve (Cleave Chandler), the Life, R. Falconer and A. Forbes ([i]Robert Falconer [/i]and [i]Alec Forbes [/i]by MacDonald), Sewall, Convention's Journal, the [i]Messenger[/i], J.Y. & Co.(Scammon), the Swedish New Church periodical, [i]Apocalypse Explained[/i], Chandler's father, General Banks, Capt. Appleton - brother-in-law of (Henry Wadsworth) Longfellow, Cross St. Church in London, Mr. Hiller (?), Chandler's mother.