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Letter to H.P. Chandler Edit


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Item 176
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  • 1868 December 18 (label)


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    Original letter. Written in Pittsburgh. Pens a lengthy piece of whimsy over Chandler's continued book-"lifting" activities. Coordinates the reproduction of Swedenborg's M.S.S, suggests J.Y. (Scammon) could pay for the whole thing. Comments on an upcoming trip to the Midwest in regards to his continued pursuit of subscriptions. More joking. Mentions "Tafel's plunder". Requests assistance with the recovery of a lost book,"Transition". People and places mentioned: Frankenstein, Trustees of the R. (Rotch) Fund, J.Y. (Scammon), Philadelphia, Mr. I. (J?), Chicago, Cincinnati, Chandler's father, Tafel, Mr. Wellman, Chandler's wife (Grace), Ager, Brooklyn, S. Smith.