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Letter to E.C. Bostock Edit


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Item 72
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  • 1881 April 2 (label)


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    Original letter and one typed transcript. Written in Philadelphia. Assures Mr. Bostock that he will somehow be provided for and should continue his work with regards to greater Academy goals. Writes on the subject of instructing boys and girls. Advises against male teachers teaching girls at certain stages of development (i.e. when their rationality is beginning to be formed) and extends the same advice for female teachers with regards to male students. Remarks, in the negative, on the issue of "cross dressing". Mentions Storge (strong parental love and affections) and the "Mercer influence" on meeting attendees. Gives advice on sermon preparation and preaching. Mentions upcoming Convention meeting. Individuals and places mentioned: Chicago, Mr. Pendleton, Brickman, Baltimore, Allentown, Mr. Bowers, Mr. Silver, Mr. Bowen, Roxbury, and Mrs. Bostock.